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Staff at Newington Primary School

Our Headteacher is Mr Torbett.​

Our Deputy Headteachers are Mr Armstrong and Mrs Ferguson.


Class Teachers​

Primary 1​A - Miss Hollis

Primary 1B - Mrs Murray

Primary 1/2 - Mrd Bell/Mrs Carruthers

Primary 2A - Mrs Marrs

Primary 3A - Mrs Graham/Mrs Ferguson

Primary 3B - Miss McEwen

Primary 4A - Mrs Swan

Primary 4B - Mrs Jones

Primary 5A - Miss Simonian

Primary 5B - Mrs Jefferson/Mrs Magnay

Primary 6A - Miss Mutch/Miss Nicholson

Primary 6B - Mr Schoolar/Mrs Robison

Primary 7A - Mr Armstrong/Mrs Magnay

Primary 7B - Mr Kilpatrick

General Assistants​

General Assistant for P2-4 is Mrs McKend


General Assistant for P.5-7 is Mrs Glass


 Early Years Assistant

Our Early Yea​rs Assistant is ________________ who will be supporting the children in both our Nursery and Primary One classes.



Our Janitor​

​Our Janitor is Mr Kennedy

Our Infant Playground Supervisor

Our Infant Playground Supervisor is Mrs Davidson.​

Learning Zone

Our Principal Teacher is Mrs Bingham.


Our Support for Learning Teachers are Mr Brown and Mrs Murray.


 Learning Assistants​

Mrs Wallace

Mrs Paterson

Mrs Laurie
Mrs Savage

Miss Johnstone​

Mrs Ogilvie​

Mrs Moore

Mrs Holliday

Miss Barlow​

 Visiting Specialists

Our P.E. Specialist is Mrs Mannall.

Mrs Mannall works in our school on a Monday morning, Wednesday and a Friday morning.​


Our Music Specialist

Our Music specialist is Miss Crombie.  She takes Music on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

Our Office Staff

Our office staff are Mrs Patterson and Mrs Hind​


Our Catering Staff​

Mrs Wotherspoon and her staff prepare the meals for all of the children.

Please refer to the Menu list in our 'Parent' section.​

The kitchen staff are as follows:-

Mrs Wotherspoon

Mrs Dunbar, Mrs Carruthers, Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Jackson.


Mrs Wotherspoon enjoys working as part of a very hard working team.  She enjoys watching the children grow and develop throughout their time at school.  She thinks that working with children is very rewarding and in her kitchen everyday, produces new challenges for her team.