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Hello, my name is Hannah! I am 11 years old and I go to Newington Primary. I have wanted to join web wizards as I love being around technology. My hobbies on the computer are drawing, writing letters and doing lots of fun things! I like coding which I sometimes think is tricky. At school I like to do maths, writing I.C.T, art and almost everything!

In break, I do dances for the schools movement breaks on a Friday. We have some dances called My way, Don’t Want to Know and Chasing Highs.

I love to help people if they are hurt, sad or if they just want someone to talk to. I would be more than happy to play games or anything with you! In web wizards I would work my hardest even if it is really hard. I hope I can learn some new skills in web wizards throughout the year. I also want p7 to be the best year I have ever had in Primary!


​Hello, my name is Jessica and I am 11 years old. I wanted to join Web Wizards as I love computing and doing I.C.T. I like playing with my brother, Tyler, and going on my tablet. I like to do maths, I.C.T, P.E and topic.

At break sometimes I read books like Horrible Science. I am also a part of Book Club and I help with the sign out and sign in of the books.


My name is Thomas. The main reason I joined Web Wizards is because I love using computers. I just think it is amazing that pupils are able to help with the Newington website. It will help the adults with the school’s website so people know what’s going on in Newington Primary School. Newington is a very good school and I love being part of the web wizards .​


​Hello my name is Skye and the main reason I joined web wizards this year is because I like using the internet and working with computers. I think that I will be good at uploading all of the successful things that our school and pupils can do with activities and I also think that it is amazing that pupils are able to help with the website. It also saves most of the teachers having to do it when they have other things to do .


Hello my name is Cody and I am 11 years old.  The main reason I joined Web Wizards is because I really like using the internet. My favourites subjects at school are ICT and Art. I am originally from Carlisle but I moved to Annan when I was 5. I do dances on Friday and  some of these are Chocolatte, My Way , Chasing Highs and I don’t wanna know.