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At Newington Primary School we are in pursuit of excellence.  Our aim is to provide school education of high quality that will enable young people to become:


  •     Successful learners
  •     Confident individuals
  •     Responsible citizens
  •     Effective contributors


This will equip them with skills and attitudes for lifelong learning and will prepare them for life beyond school.





Our current aims are as follows:


  •     To promote a high standard of application and behaviour to all our pupils.
  •     To foster self esteem and a love for learning.
  •     To raise awareness in children of their important place in the school and wider community.
  •     To provide a partnership between home and school in order to achieve high levels of motivation in all our pupils.


At Newington Primary, we believe that every child should attain high standards of application and behaviour. We are fortunate in having a hard working and committed staff who share these beliefs.


A system of rewards is in place. These include incentive stickers and certificates. Certificates are hard earned and are awarded to any child who has shown improvement in any curricular area. Together with this, we have certificates of merit for displaying courtesy and consideration for others.  All of these certificates are presented at Monday morning assembly before the whole school.


We want parents and children to feel welcome in our school and we arrange meetings with parents on a regular basis.


The influence of home on a child is of major importance and we accept that parents have a real part to play.  In short, it is a partnership.  We look forward to working closely with parents in the education of their child.