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We would like to welcome you to the P1 webpage.

P1A​                                                                          P1B


Our class teachers are Miss Hollis (P.1A) and Mrs Murray (P.1B).


Our Early Years Assistant is Miss MacDonald.

​Our Classroom Rules

Dina the Dinosaur visited our classroom and explained our classroom rules. Our classroom rules help us to work hard and behave well.

Dina says we must-


1. Always try our best

2. Remember to use a 'quiet hand'

3. Listen carefully

4. Remember our manners

5. Be nice to each other


If we can follow our classroom rules we get Dina Chips.

When we collect ten Dina Chips we can choose a Dina Prize as a reward.



Star of the Week

Every Friday a child is chosen to be ‘Pupil of the Week’ and they get to take the class mascot home for the weekend.




Every Monday morning, as part of our Assembly, certificates are handed out to individual children who have achieved something special during the previous week. Please talk to your child about their achievement if they come home with a certificate.



PE Days

Our PE days are on Mondays (P1A), Tuesdays (both) and Thursdays (P1B).  Please ensure your child has their PE kit on these days.


Please ensure your child has their PE kit on these days. They need shorts, t-shirt and trainers this term. P.E kit should be clearly labelled with your child's name and class. This should be brought in on a Monday and kept in school until Friday so that it can be taken home to be washed.  The key focus in PE this term will be ball skills.




Please take time at home to practise sounds, word boxes, tricky words, reading and number stories at home. Please refer to your child’s homework diaries.  Please ensure that you sign your child’s homework.  Comments are welcome too if your child has completed this well or if they have had any difficulties if you wish.



Our Topic

Our topics for this term are going to be "Fairyland" and "Spring".




This term we will be learning ch, sh, th, qu, ou, oi, ue, er and ar.

This is all part of our school's Jolly Phonics Programme.

The children will be learning to recognise, write and blend words using these sounds.

The children wil be learning to recognise the following tricky words - are, all, you, your, come, some, said, here, there, they, go, no, so, my, by, one, only, old, like, have, live, give, little, down, what, when, why and where.

Our writing programme will begin this term. We will introduce the idea of a sentence and the children will begin to write their own sentences using a capital letter at the start, finger spaces after each word and a full stop at the end.



We will be counting orally to twenty and beyond. 

The children will continue to practise forming numbers 0-20 correctly and they will consolidate their learning through structured play activities. 

We will focus on mathematical language - more than, less than, largest, smallest, numbers before, after and between.

The children will develop their understanding of addition and be introduced to the concept of subtraction.  They will be introduced to the - symbol and they will learn subtraction stories within 5.​

We will learn to interpret and display information on pictograms and bar graphs.​



Expressive Arts

This term we will be creating lots of pictures linked to our topic, number and sounds. We will focus on improving the children’s fine motor skills, cutting skills and encourage creativity.


We will be singing lots of songs linked to our Jolly Phonics sounds, Winter assembly and our Fairyland topic.



Health and Wellbeing


In P.E. we will be working with Mrs Duignan to support and improve the children’s gymnastics skills (apparatus) eg jumping, rolling and balancing.  The We will undertake activities to develop fitness and stamina.  One important factor is encouraging each child to dress for P.E. and to be able to organise and fold their clothes.  

It will be vital this term that we continually reinforce classroom rules and routines that are set.  We are also encouraging new friendships by involving children in different group activities.


In Primary 1 we explore Christianity. They will attend our weekly assemblies at school as well as attending a service at Annan Old Parish Church. We will also focus on developing respect for others’ needs, feelings and opinions.


Useful Reminders



Please revise sounds and numbers. 

P1A have P.E. today.

Please remember P.E. kit and if possible remove all jewellery or provide tape to cover earrings.



Please revise sounds and numbers. 

PIA and P1B have P.E today.

Please remember P.E. kit and if possible remove all jewellery or provide tape to cover earrings.



Please revise sounds and numbers.

Word boxes



Please revise sounds and numbers. 

P1B have P.E. today.

Please remember P.E. kit and if possible remove all jewellery or provide tape to cover earrings.


Milk money will be collected today. £1.00 will be collected.  Please put this in a purse/wallet.



Please revise all sounds and numbers.

Tricky Words 

Our Learning Activities​

Primary One have been very busy this term.

Here are some photographs which shows us doing our learning activities.​

Primary 1A

Primary 1B

Primary One StoryTellingSession

As part of the Galloway Children’s Festival, two of Scotland’s leading storytellers visited Primary 1 pupils at Newington Primary School. On Thursday 5th October, Anne Errington and Tony Bonning entertained the children with some traditional tales.  Great fun was had by all!



Primary 1A                                                                PRIMARY 1B

Childsmile Visit


On Wednesday 21st March 2018, Jacqueline Bell from Childsmile visited Primary 1 to talk to us about the importance of teeth and how to look after our teeth.  We learned that our teeth help us to eat, talk and smile.  We know that to look after our teeth we must clean them at least twice a day, have a healthy diet and visit the dentist every six months.  Harry enjoyed being the dentist, just like his Dad! Corri had fun too.

Tattie Bogle


On Tuesday 20th March 2018, Aiken Drum visited Primary 1 and Newington Nursery to perform ‘Tattie Bogle.’  We enjoyed listening to his stories and singing songs together.  Great fun was had by all!

P1a Term 3 Pictures

P1b Term 3 Pictures

Ready, Teddy, Go!

On Thursday 17th May, Generation Science visited Primary 1 to put on a ‘Ready, Teddy, Go!’ interactive workshop.

We joined in with experiments to learn how things move, why objects always fall when we drop them and why balls never roll along the ground forever.  It was great fun and we enjoyed being scientists for the day!

P1a                                                                                                            P1b


River Annan Walk


On Tuesday 12th June 2018, Primary 1 went for a walk down to the River Annan.  We met Duncan Ford who is a Hoddom and Kinmount Estate Ranger.  He talked to us about all the different trees and plants that grow by the River Annan.  We had great fun going on a leaf and flower hunt.  Duncan talked to us about the different animals that live by the river.  There are hedgehogs, badgers, foxes, squirrels, rabbits and birds.  We saw a heron, ducks and fish in the river too.