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Primary 2A and Primary 2B's Class Page

We hope you find this information useful.​

Primary 2A

Primary 2B

Our Primary 2A teacher is Miss McEwen.


Our Primary 2A teachers are Mrs Robison and Mrs Marrs.




Our Primary 2B teacher is Mrs Marrs.




Our Primary 2A and 2B General Assistant is Mrs McKend.





Each Friday a Pupil of the Week is awarded.  Each child has the opportunity to gain Rainbow Rewards in class for things like good work, nice manners and sitting up smartly.  When children achieve 15 rewards they are awarded with a small prize of their choice.




Our topics throughout this year will be:-

Term One - All About Me and Transport

Term Two - Celebrations

Term Three - Weather

 Term Four - Houses and Homes




PE Days

Our PE days are on Tuesdays and Fridays for P2A and Tuesdays and Thursdays for P2B  Please ensure your child has their PE kit with them on these days.  We do a lot of running and jumping in our sessions and this can be quite tough on young feet and legs if your child does not have appropriate footwear on so it is a good idea to provide a pair of trainers for your child to wear on these days.  Unless your child can tie their shoe laces competently please do not send laced shoes as you can appreciate we do not physically have the time to tie numerous pairs of laces.  If your child wears earrings please ensure these are removed on PE days for health and safety reasons, if they are unable to remove these you must provide surgical tape to cover their earrings as accidents are very upsetting for all.


Phonics - Please see the front of your child's Phonics Homework jotter for instructions and daily tasks.  Where possible please spread the homework out over the course of a week.  Doing a little bit each night will be be better for your child in the long term.

Phonics - Your child has been provided with a 'Phonics Keyring' which has a list of all the sounds and words which will be learned over the course of Primary 2.  Please refer to the instructions provided. 


Maths Homework - children will receive Maths games to play over the course of the year.  They should play these at least twice a week. Regular practice will improve your child's mental maths skills so they are able to instantly recall facts as opposed to counting on their fingers.  Please also make good use of the links to the Maths games which are below in the 'Useful Websites' section.  Undertaking these activities at least twice a week will help further develop your child's numeracy skills.

Word Aware Word of the Week


As part of our Word Aware programme, the children are focussing on a new word every week.  In school we discuss the word, display the word, learn an action for the word and sing the word in a song. We ask that at home, you revise the word with your child and over the course of the week revisit it and incorporate it into your everyday conversations.  Please take the time to read our recent handout which has some ideas of fun activities to carry out at home which will all help enhance your child’s learning and in the long term improve their knowledge of vocabulary.  



Reading Days


Raindrops – Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Clouds – Monday, Thursday and Friday

Rainbows - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Sunshines - Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday​



Raindrops – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Snowflakes - Tuesday, Thursday and Friday​

Rainbows - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Sunshines – Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday


Please ensure your child’s reading is heard and signed.  This is essential to ensure continued progress.

P2 Literacy Shed

The Primary 2 classes decided to invest some of their Pupil Equity Fund money to purchase a new outdoor resource.  Our Literacy Shed is proving very popular with all the children who are enjoying a variety of activities including reading their favourite stories (sometimes by themselves, sometimes to a partner) and using the clipboards and writing materials to draw story book characters and to retell stories.  We also have a wide range of storybook puppets and wooden fairytale figures - we encourage the children to use these to make up their own versions of traditional tales through role play activities. Both the P2 teachers and the children are really enjoying having this creative space and these lovely new resources are helping to improve children's literacy as well as being fun! Even on damp days, children enjoy choosing a waterproof cushion and have the option to sit on one of our colourful benches or on their cushion on the ground.   They enjoy story time either in their reading groups or just having a story read to them by an adult. Please ensure your child always has a coat and as the weather gets colder please bring a hat and scarf as this is something we anticipate using in all weathers.

Spooky Halloween Fun

 As part of our Celebrations topic, Aiken Drum came into school recently for a fun, spooky storytelling and sing-a-long session.  As you can see from the photographs we all had great fun and it was a fantastic Halloween treat.


Big Me Day 2018


On the 12th October 2018 Primary 2 celebrated Big Me 2.  All children and staff dressed up to show what they would like to be when they grow up.  We all enjoyed seeing the wide range of future careers and had great fun guessing what everyone aspired to be!  We had all sorts from nurses to racing car drivers and the children have enjoyed writing about their future career. We have used these along with their photos to create a display which you will find in the Infant corridor.


Christmas Concert


All of the children in Primary 2 worked really hard in preparation for this year’s Christmas Concert.  Miss McEwen and Mrs Marrs were very proud of all of their performances. We definitely feel we have some budding Hugh Jackmans  and Emma Watsons amongst Primary Two!  They all thoroughly enjoyed their reward of a Christmas party on the last Thursday of the term.



​ - counting in 5s​ - counting in 10s​ - months of the year

Spelling - you can enter your child's spelling words in here to make practising and learning a bit more exciting!


​ - days of the week - counting to 10

Weather - your child will need some adult support with this website