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Primary Three


We would like to welcome you to Primary 3A and 3B's class page and we hope that you find the information useful.

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Wednesday 21st August - Children return to school

Term One

 In P.3A, our class teacher is MrsGraham (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs Ferguson (Thursday and Friday).


Mrs Graham​


In P.3B, our class teacher is Miss McEwen.


Our General Assistant is Mrs McKend and she helps in our classes most days.



 Mrs McKend


Stars of the Week


Every Friday, the teachers will choose one child from each class who has been working hard all week to be their Star of the Week.

Click on the pictures below to look at our class displays as a slide show.​

 Class Displays







In both classes, our P.E days are Tuesdays and Fridays.


Your child will need shorts, t-shirt and trainers this term.  P.E kit should be clearly labelled with your child's name and class.  It would be helpful to have this in a named bag.  This should be brought in on a Monday and kept in school until Friday so that it can be taken home to be washed.  If your child has their ears pierced then could you please take them out on P.E. days or provide tape to cover them.  Micropore tape is good for this.  Our P.E. teacher is Mrs Mannall and she will work with our classes on Fridays.  This term we will be working on 'biateral skills and movement' and 'ball skills'.  We will continue to reinforce rules when working safely in the gym hall.




Please take time at home to practise spelling words, tricky words and number bonds.  We have provided you with a new timetable for Homework and we ask you to refer to this.


Please can you also refer to your child’s reading record and ’Handy Hints for Reading’ sheet to ensure that it is completed.

Please can you also ensure that you sign your child’s homework.  Comments are welcome too if your child has completed this well or if they have had any difficulties.






We will assess your child’s recognition and spelling of previous Tricky Words early in the Term and from there we will set spelling groups.  It would be beneficial to practise words each week and from previous weeks with your child which will support your child’s reading and writing skills. It is also important for your child to learn Tricky words too which will help us with our reading and writing.  We will also be encouraging your child to write their own first names and surnames without support.   We will be reading lots of stories too and encouraging the children to retell their experiences with others and then write this in their writing tasks.  

We are now aiming for children to write their sentences independently using capital letters and full stops where appropriate. We will also be encouraging your child to ’up-level’ their sentences by using connectives and including more detail.


The sounds for this term are:- ew, a-e, i-e, o-e, u-e, ou and ow.  We will continue with our Tricky Words as well as revise previous tricky words fromTerms One and Two.





Each week children in all groups will work on 'timed' tests and mental flipcharts to help develop their skills in mental calcualtion. 
Our focus this term will be:
Adding units to a teens number
Adding units to TU. 
Five times table
Subtracting within 20
Place value of HTU
Rounding HTU to the nearest ten
Subtracting multiples of ten.
Adding 9 to TU

This term we will focus on addition using HTU and subtraction using HTU as well as rounding HTU to the nearest 10 and 100. We will be introducing the three times table and introducing the children to division.  We will also be introducing the children to money and finding values of coins.  
We will be looking at information from graphs and tables.  This term we will be reinforcing time and looking at days of the week and months of the year and calendar dates.  The children will also consolidate 2-D shapes and use their knowledge when introduced to -D shapes. 
 We will also continue to work on our 'Mental Agility' workbooks which reinforces lots of the new concepts taught.  Mr Armstrong will continue to support the children with SAMSON maths on a Friday for P3A and on a Monday for P3B.



Expressive Arts




This term we will be creating art work which will be linked to our new topic of 'The Romans' .  We will be creating shields, mosaics and Roman soldiers.  The children will also create Easter pictures and Mother's Day cards.  We will also be creating Winter pictures linked to snow or frost.

Miss Crombie will continue to introdue your child to various songs throughout the term which will be linked to our Roman topic.



Health and Wellbeing



In P.E. we will be working with Mrs Duignan to support and improve the children’s co-ordination skills, flexibility and strengthening their core muscles by actively taking part in our 'gymnastic skills and fitness' sessions.  One important factor is to encourage each child to dress for P.E. and bring the appropriate kit.


It will be vital this term that we set new classroom rules and routines so that your child feels safe and also so that we create a sound learning environment.  We are also encouraging new friendships by involving children in different group activities and group settings. In our Health topic we will be exploring the topic of 'Keeping Safe'  with a focus on dangers in the home and they will also explore the topic of 'substance misuse' which will be linked to dangers around our home.  The children will also discuss the use of advertising and peer pressure.  We will also focus on our SHANNARI indicators this term.  Our Health will be delivered by Mr Kilpatrick in both classes.  



Religious and Moral Education


This term we will be be reinforcing the school and class rules to make our learning environments safe. We will also be introducing the children to the the importance of symbols and introduce the Sikh symbol.  The children will also be introduced to the term 'Gurus' and learn the story about Guru Hargobind and his cloak.  Finally, the children will listen to and discuss the Easter story.

Social Studies and Science


This term we will be learning about 'The Romant'. The children will learn look at a map to find out where Italy is within the world.  They will find out about how Rome got its name.  They will then explore education, food, clothing, houses, entertainment, the roman army and if there is time Roman Gods.  The children have already visited Annan Museum in Term One, so hopefully they will have retained some information from that visit that they can share when completing this topic.


Magnets - Term One Topic​

Below is a link which will allow you to explore Magnetism.


This term we are going to be revising basic commands, numbers to twenty and colours.   The children will then be introduced to the days of the week and months of the year.


This term we will be continuing to use the '2Simple' program to develop various mouse control and keyboarding skills.  They will also be introduced to 'Textease' and use this to develop other skills.  They will also be encouraged to 'Log On' to the computer without their name cards and passwords.

They will use the programs to create animations, games and label a Roman soldier.  They will also practise their word processing skills.  They will be asked to copy and paste selected pictures to create texts.

Mr Schoolar will work with both classes on simple programming and Beebots. 



Monday- Primary 3A spelling homework will be given out today.  Please complete for Friday.

                Primary 3B have P.E today.  ​


Tuesday- Both Primary 3 classes have P.E. today.  Please remember P.E. kit and if possible remove all jewellery or provide tape to cover earrings. 
                 Primary 3B spelling homework will be given out today.  Please complete for Friday.


Wednesday- Spelling Homework 


Thursday- Every second week a Maths homework task will be handed out for your child to complete.  This should be completed for the following Thursday.

                  Milk Money - £1.05 will be collected on this day.


Friday- P3A and P3B will complete a spelling test today and results will be written in their homework jotters.  Please practise any incorrect words.

             P3A have P.E. today.  Please remember P.E. kit and if possible remove all jewellery or provide tape to cover earrings. 


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