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Primary 4



We always work hard and try our best.





Primary 4A Class Teacher is Mrs Swan and Primary 4B Class Teacher is Mrs Jones.


Mrs McKend is our general assistant.


We have Mrs Mannall for PE, Mr Schoolar for ICT,  Mr Kilpatrick  for HWB  and Miss Crombie for Music.





Term 1: The Human Body

Term 2: Scotland

Term 3:  The Vikings

Term 4: Water


 P4 Weekly Timetable





P4A/P4B : Spelling homework is given out with a choice of jobs to be completed by Friday of that week.

P4B : Reading homework will be given with pages to be read by Wednesday.

P4A: Reading - Squirrels  to be completed for the following Monday.

P4A/P4B: We also have P.E. today.  Please remember P.E. kit and if possible remove all jewellery or provide tape to cover earrings.​





P4A : Maths Homework given out today to be completed by the following Tuesday.

P4B Social Studies/Science Homework as appropriate.

P4A:  Reading - Hedgehogs to be completed for the following Tuesday.

                           Foxes to be completed by Thursday.




P4B : Reading homework again today for completion by Monday.





P4A:  Social Studies/Science homework is given out as appropriate. 

P4B : Maths Homework given out today to be completed by the following Thursday.

P4A/P4B : ICT with Mr Schoolar every other week.

P4A/P4B :HWB with Mr Kilpatrick

Milk money is collected on a Thursday and costs £1.05 per week.





P4A/P4B : Spelling homework must be returned by today.     Weekly spelling and dictation test today.



P4A/B : We also have P.E. today.  Please remember P.E. kit and if possible remove all jewellery or provide tape to cover earrings.



September 2018

Primary 4 have enjoyed two sessions with RHET (Royal Highland Education Trust). We learned about crops with Fiona Jamieson and Hazel Crichton. Grinding the wheat took a lot of effort to produce flour and we now know all about the cereals - wheat, oats and barley. During the second session we welcomed Mr Fleming - a real live dairy farmer who gets up very early in the morning to milk his cows who told us how milk gets from his cows to the cartons which we buy to use in our homes.  Fiona Jamieson helped us to make butter - we had to shake the double cream until it was solid. Then we tasted the butter on crackers - it was delicious.



Feis Rois - Tin Whistle

Primary 4 are learning to play the tin whistle. Kate who is a tutor from Feis Rois will be in school every Friday for 12 weeks (terms 1 and 2​). They are progressing very well and after 4 weeks can play Hot Cross Buns, Mary Had a Little Lamb and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.


Scotland Topic 

Primary 4A would like to thank all family and friends who sent postcards for their Scotland study. We received many cards and we found them on the map. The class enjoyed the topic study and the term finished with a "Scotland Day". During this day the class learned about food, music, Gaelic, played games with place names, rivers and mountains and designed their own tartan. At the start of Term 3 the class designed and created their own Scotland board games. ​


Christmas Party

Primary 4 enjoyed their Christmas party with social dance, games and snacks. We would like to thank Mr Torbett and Mr Atwal for all the prizes and goodies we received at the party.



Dates for your Diaries

Monday 7th January 2019 - start of Term 3

Monday 28th January 2019 - Burns on the Beat, Annan Museum

Friday 1st February 2019 - Scottish Country Dancing Festival, Annan Academy

Monday 4th March - Primary 4A Assembly ​to celebrate World Book Day

                       (parents will be invited in the afternoon)      ​