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We are P5A

Our class teachers are Mrs Stewart and Mrs. Jefferson. Our classroom assistants are Mrs Glass and Miss. Dalgliesh.

P5A topics are: Feeling Good to Learn/Mary Queen of Scots, Electricity, Living Things, Portrait of Britain.

How do I know what is happening in P5A?

With the move from P4 to P5 the emphasis is on the pupils taking more responsibility for recording their own homework independently and 

making sure it is done well and handed in on time.  The diary should be in their schoolbag every day so that you can refer to it for information on homework and key events. Feel free to send messages through the jotter/diary yourself. 

Primary 5A Class Assembly

Our assembly will take place in the school hall on Monday, 26th March at 9:00am.  All parents and family members are welcome.

This assembly will celebrate 'World Poetry Day' which is held on Wednesday, 21st March.

Below you can read four poems chosen by Ellie, Paige, Kian and Marnie.  We hope you enjoy reading them.​


Ellie's favourite poem                                Kian's favourite poem​


Marnie's favourite poem                       Paige's favourite poem​

Wednesday 21st March is also World Down's Syndrome Day and P5A wore odd socks to mark the day.​




Look After Yourself:

We give every learning activity our best effort and the time it deserves.


Look After Each Other:

We show consideration to every member of our class.


Look After Our School:

We take responsibility for the equipment we have in our class.


Primary 5B


This is P5B. Our class teachers are Mr Kilpatrick and Miss Simonian (Monday). Our classroom assistants are Mrs Glass and Miss Dalgliesh.

         Mr Kilpatrick                                    Miss Simonian


In P5B our topics are: 

Term 1: Portrait of Britain

Term 2: Electricity

Term 3: Mary Queen of Scots

Term 4: Living Things

How do I know what is going on in Primary 5B?

With the move from P4 to P5, and from the first level to the second level, all pupils in P5B are expected to take further responsibility for their own learning in terms of: completing tasks during their set time in class, spending more time on work presentation, and bringing homework back to school on the expected days.

Things to remember:


Spelling homework is given out by Mr Kilpatrick on Tuesday and expected on Friday in preparation for our weekly spelling test. Mathematics homework is given out on Friday and expected the following Friday.


P5B have PE on Monday with Miss Simonian and on Wednesday with our PE specialist. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school throughout the week.

Milk money:

If your child wishes to have milk at school, milk money is collected every Thursday at the cost of £1 per child.

Please feel free to send messages through your child's diary or homework jotters. Thank you.



·         I will always do my best

·         I will take pride in the achievements of my class

·         I will be truthful and honest at all times

·         I will be kind, helpful, use good manners

·         I will be respectful to those around me by: working quietly, cooperating and moving around safely

·         I will listen carefully to the teacher and follow instructions

·         I will put my hand up and wait, if I want to speak

·         I will not waste learning time

·         I will look after my equipment