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Hello and welcome to the Primary 6 area!

Miss Neill



Mr Schoolar

In P6A the teachers are Miss Neill who is in class Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and Mrs Robison on a Wednesday.

In P6B Mr Schoolar Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday with Mrs Robison on a Thursday.

This year both classes are receiving support from Mrs Glass who is our general assistant.


Class rules




We have a number of classroom rules which we like to follow. If we are well behaved we gain certificates and class prizes. If we do not follow the

 rules we end up on the red traffic light which means detention. Our class rules:


Always listen to others.

Always walk in the classroom.

Always be polite, kind and helpful.

Always keep the classroom tidy and look after school property.

Remember to change your shoes.


Our School Week



Maths and spelling homework will be handed out.

P6B P.E​

We also have Assembly on this day. If you have any achievements to show bring them in today. 



Reading - This term we are reading the novel 'The Midnight Fox'.

Music with Miss Crombie every week.



​P.E with Mrs Mannall.​



ICT with Mr Schoolar every second week.



Homework due today.  If homework is not handed in children will need to stay in at break to get this completed.

Spelling test in class.

Reading in both classes. P6A have P.E with Miss Neill

Term 4

Term 4 is always a busy term with sports day, trips and other fun activities to look forward to.


 In term 3, both Primary 6 classes will be learning all about Space. They will learn about the planets, moons, the sun, space travel and much more. Both classes will also get the chance to build their own electric powered cars.


 In term 3, the classes will be learning about time and money. Pupils are able to come in early for extra practice and we would encourage any extra support at home.

Extra homework is always available for those who request it.


This term 4, pupils may need both an indoor and outdoor P.E kit for athletics. We hope to be outside using the field every week. Fingers crossed for nice weather. We will also have sports day and we will be practising events for the day.

P6 Trip—Glasgow Science Centre


On Thursday 30th May, both P6s set off for their school trip to Glasgow Science Centre. The day went well with pupils behaving superbly and enjoying themselves, the only down side was the bus being late.

The classes watched a movie in the Planetarium about life in space before a code cracking workshop.


Suugested websites to assist learning.  (Typing practise)