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Welcome to Primary 7A and Primary 7B Website

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 Our class teachers are Mr Armstrong DHT (Tues-Thurs) and Miss Crombie DHT (Mon & Fri).




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 Our class teacher is Mrs Duignan (Mon, Wed-Fri). Miss Simonian is our teacher on a Tuesday.



Mrs Glass is our Support Learning Assistant and in boths classes during the week. Miss Dagliesh is our General Learning Assistant and she is also in both classes during the week. 


Assembly – On a Monday we celebrate everyone’s achievement in the school through certificates, wider achievements and other awards. We have a range of speakers who come into the school and annually classes perform an assembly.


Physical Education – P7 have physical education on a Wednesday afternoon with Mrs Mannall. P7A have hall time on a Thursday where they participant in either drama or physical education. P7B have physical education with Mrs Duignan on a Monday.  Children are reminded to come prepared for PE, by bringing the correct clothing. On some occasions children will be asked to bring outdoor clothes when PE will take place outside.



ICT – All of P7 has access to the school’s computer suite during the week where they are able to improve ICT skills through our planned programme of work. Mr Schoolar takes both classes every two weeks to help develop their ICt skills further. 




Both P7 classes are given homework on a Monday to be returned on a Thursday when it will be corrected and discussed. Weekly homework consists of a Quiz and maths homework. Children may be given additional homework throughout the year such as presentations, or other class work.


Both classes have a homework surgery between 8.30 – 9am where children are able to use this time to complete homework, use the class computers, time for additional support in maths and to complete class work if needed.


Curriculum - Term 2

Health– the pupils will look at personal hygiene and will create, design and promote their own personal hygiene product.

Religious Education -the pupils will look at the importance of Remembrance Day, its history and its place in today society. As well as this they will also look at the traditions of Christmas and how these are different in other countries around the world. 

French – pupils will learn about their family and how to describe member s of their family. They will also look at pets and the variations of pets in each family home.  

Social Studies – this term pupils will explore a range of different Festivals an Important dates within the yearly calendar. They will first explore the nature of Halloween and its origins. The history of the Gunpowder plot will be looked at and discussed. They will then learn about Remembrance Day and its importance and then look in depth at the origins of Christmas, its traditions and the links to other countries. 

  Operation Safety






Dates for your Diary

6th November – P7B assembly

13th November - Parental Consultations 3.30-8.30pm

24th November – Indoor athletics for some P6/7 pupils

11th/12th December – Christmas Concert (more info to follow)

13th December – Christmas Lunch

18th December – P7A assembly

Dates and information about the P7 Christmas party will follow. 

Extra Curricular Clubs

In P7 the pupils are offered a number of extra curricular activities throughout the year and have the opportunity to try out something new. ​

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